Aethiomastacembelus shiranus, photo © by M. K. Oliver
Aethiomastacembelus shiranus.
Photo copyright © by M. K. Oliver.

Checklist of the Noncichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi

Listed below are all the fishes other than Cichlidae that are known to occur in Lake Malawi, or that have been claimed to occur there. Follow the links in the family table to jump to each family's list of genera and species. In the list, there are separate links to a page about each species (usually illustrated), and to the bibliographic citation of the original taxonomic description.

As with the cichlids, here too the list includes fishes found in the lower parts of rivers and streams that flow into the lake. It also includes species found in swamps that fringe parts of the lakeshore. Some swamp fishes have been observed in sheltered, vegetated sections of the main lake (e.g., Barbus innocens; Jackson, 1961: 550). Moreover, Oliver & McKaye (1982) showed that a diverse assemblage of swamp-dwelling fishes is associated with the "floating islands" of swamp vegetation that commonly drift around the Lake's southwest arm. This blurs the distinction in habitats between the fishes of the lakeshore swamps and those of the Lake proper.

None of the twelve families is endemic to Lake Malawi, but two of the genera (the cyprinid Engraulicypris and the clariid Bathyclarias) and some of the species are endemic. For each genus and species, therefore, endemicity is indicated.

Family table

The Noncichlid Fish Families of Lake Malawi

Lungfishes Mormyrids Characins Minnows Catfishes Killifishes True Eels Spiny Eels








  1. Family Protopteridae: African lungfishes
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  3. Family Mormyridae: Elephant noses, Snout fishes
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  5. Family Alestidae: African Tetras or Characins
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  7. Family Cyprinidae: Minnows, Barbs
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  9. Family Amphiliidae: Mountain catfishes
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  11. Family Bagridae: Bagrid catfishes
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  13. Family Clariidae: Air-breathing catfishes
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  15. Family Mochokidae: Suckermouth catlets & Squeaker catfishes
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  17. Family Nothobranchiidae: Annual killifishes
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  19. Family Poeciliidae: Topminnows
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  21. Family Anguillidae: True eels
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  23. Family Mastacembelidae: Spiny eels
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The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa:

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