Labeo worthingtoni, a cyprinid
found in Lake Malawi; illustration from Worthington (1933)
Labeo worthingtoni was originally called Labeo intermedius by Worthington (1933), but this name was preoccupied and Henry W. Fowler provided it with its current name as a replacement in 1958. It was considered "[a] species of doubtful validity" by Jackson (1961). However, in his revision of Labeo, Reid (1985) recognized L. worthingtoni as a valid species endemic to Lake Malawi.

Worthington (1933: 298) had this to say about differentiating this labeo from the other two species then known in the lake:

I have not yet been able to check Reid's updated treatment of L. mesops to see if these distinctions are still an adequate basis for recognizing individuals of the species.

The above drawing is reproduced from Text-figure 3 of Worthington (1933).

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