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On this page are underwater photos of various color forms, populations, and still-unnamed species that are related to (or at least vaguely similar to) Maylandia zebra, and to M. greshakei (the type species of Maylandia), which may prove to be a junior synonym of M. zebra. Some of these forms may represent populations of M. zebra itself, while others are quite distinct and may eventually be described and named as full species after sufficient field observations of their biology. Others shown here may not remain ultimately in Maylandia but are placed there for now because they have been informally identified with the zebra complex in the past.

Until recently, all these entities were placed in the genus Pseudotropheus, most in the subgenus Maylandia. The latter was elevated to generic rank when Stauffer et al. (1997) proposed a new genus, Metriaclima, for this group. These authors mistakenly denied the availability of the name Maylandia for use as a genus for these forms.

All photos below are from the plates in Ribbink et al., 1983. They are reproduced by permission of the Zoological Society of Southern Africa. The locality where the photo was taken and the plate number in Ribbink et al. are identified under each photo. Ribbink et al. are responsible for coining the names used here.

Many other related forms are illustrated as separate, formally named species (be they biologically real or not) on other pages — see the following: Maylandia aurora, M. barlowi, M. callainos, M. crabro, M. emmiltos, M. hajomaylandi, M. heteropicta, M. livingstonii, M. mbenjii, M. pursa, M. pyrsonotos, M. sandaracinos, and M. zebra itself.


M. zebra, Zimbawe Island
(Zimbawe Rock), Plate 1b

M. sp. "zebra black dorsal,"
Maleri Island, Plate 2b

M. zebra, West Reef,
Plate 1d

M. sp. "zebra blue,"
Maleri Island, Plate 1i

M. sp. "zebra patricki,"
Maleri Island, Plate 2c

M. sp. "zebra bevous,"
Likoma Island, Plate 2g

M. sp. "zebra gold,"
Nkhata Bay, Plate 1i

M. sp. "zebra chilumba,"
Chitande, Plate 1j



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