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Labeotropheus trewavasae `marmalade cat,` photo © M.K. Oliver
    Labeotropheus trewavasae "marmalade cat"
    photo © by M.K. Oliver

Latest addition:  New Two new species of Labeotropheus by Pauers (2016)

Below is an alphabetical checklist of all scientifically described and named species in the Mbuna species flock of Malawi haplochromine cichlids, with many links to photo pages. Select the genus desired. Within the checklist for each genus, you can click on any colored scientific name (which will look, e.g., like "Cynotilapia afra") to go to an illustrated page for that species. All mbuna images and species accounts available at this site are linked below in this way. If instead you click on the colored name of any species' author and year of description [e.g., "(Günther, 1894)"] you will go to the full citation of that species' scientific publication on the bibliography page.

If you don't care about this complete checklist of formally described mbuna species and are looking for pictured species only, see Picture List for the Mbuna Species Flock. (Other options: You can go to Checklist of the Malawi "Hap" Species Flock (Alphabetically) or to Checklist of the Malawi "Hap" Species Flock (by Color Pattern), both of which have links to photos of that flock.)

Abactochromis Cyathochromis Cynotilapia Genyochromis Gephyrochromis
Iodotropheus Labeotropheus Labidochromis Maylandia Melanochromis
Petrotilapia Pseudotropheus Tropheops 'Haps' alphabetically

Abactochromis Oliver & Arnegard, 2010
Cyathochromis Trewavas, 1935
Cynotilapia Regan, 1922 (synonym: Microchromis)
Genyochromis Trewavas, 1935
Gephyrochromis Boulenger, 1901 (synonym: Christyella)
Iodotropheus Oliver & Loiselle, 1972
Labeotropheus Ahl, 1926
Labidochromis Trewavas, 1935
Maylandia Meyer & Foerster, 1984 (synonym: Metriaclima)
Melanochromis Trewavas, 1935
Petrotilapia Trewavas, 1935
Pseudotropheus Regan, 1922
Tropheops Trewavas, 1984

Abactochromis Oliver & Arnegard, 2010   new Top of page

Cyathochromis Trewavas, 1935 Top of page

Cynotilapia Regan, 1922
(synonym Microchromis Johnson, 1975)

Gallery of Cynotilapia

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Genyochromis Trewavas, 1935

Genyochromis mento — A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? -Illustrated article by Ad Konings at Cichlid Room Companion

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Gephyrochromis Boulenger, 1901
(synonym Christyella Trewavas, 1935) Top of page

Iodotropheus Oliver & Loiselle, 1972 Top of page

Labeotropheus Ahl, 1926 Top of page

Labidochromis Trewavas, 1935
Try out Lewis's (1982) 2-page key to some Labidochromis species (112Kb) based on coloration of live males (Adobe Acrobat Reader for the above can be downloaded free)

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Maylandia Meyer & Foerster, 1984
(Metriaclima Stauffer, Bowers, Kellogg, & McKaye (1997) is a junior synonym of Maylandia, as officially established by Condé and Géry (1999). Genus redescribed by Konings & Stauffer (2006). See also FAQ about the status of Maylandia versus Metriaclima.)

Note: Maylandia was originally proposed as a subgenus of Pseudotropheus. The gender of the name is feminine; some species names need to have their endings changed to agree.

See also Gallery of Miscellaneous Maylandia for some forms without formal scientific names

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Melanochromis Trewavas, 1935

Melanochromis The Beautiful Baddies From Lake Malawi, well-illustrated article by Paul Loiselle at Cichlid Room Companion

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Petrotilapia Trewavas, 1935 Top of page

Pseudotropheus Regan, 1922

Note: Three subgenera have been described, but not all species in the genus were assigned to a subgenus. The subgenus is indicated for each species when known. The subgenera are the following:

  1. Pseudotropheus (Maylandia) Meyer & Foerster, 1984 [type species: P. greshakei Meyer & Foerster, 1984; now recognized as a separate genus (see Maylandia above). Metriaclima Stauffer, Bowers, Kellogg, & McKaye (1997) is a synonym of Maylandia.]
  2. Pseudotropheus (Pseudotropheus) Regan, 1922 [type species: P. williamsi (Günther, 1894)]
  3. Pseudotropheus (Tropheops) Trewavas, 1984a (type species: P. tropheops Regan, 1922); now recognized as a separate genus (see Tropheops below).

Tropheops Trewavas, 1984
See also Gallery of Tropheops Top of page

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