Maylandia heteropicta, photo from Ribbink et al. (1983) another Maylandia heteropicta, photo from Ribbink et al. (1983)

Photo c: Maylandia "newsi," photographed underwater at Chisumulu Island; Konings (1995c: 154) identifies this creature as Pseudotropheus heteropictus [now Maylandia heteropicta].

Photo g: Pseudotropheus heteropictus [Maylandia heteropicta] according to Ribbink et al. (1983), photographed underwater at Thumbi West Island, Malawi. Konings (1995c: 154), apparently in reference to this photograph, remarks that the scientific name heteropictus "...has erroneously been applied to a large species from Thumbi West Island, Ps. sp. 'black dorsal heteropictus'...." Thus, if Konings is correct, only the mbuna in photo c is actually Maylandia heteropicta. Photos from Plates 9c and 1g, respectively, of Ribbink et al., 1983; reproduced by permission of the Zoological Society of Southern Africa.



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The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa:

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