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1. Cichlid Forums, etc.

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2. Systematics, Nomenclature, and Literature Searching

A. Online catalogs of museum fish collections

B. Other resources

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3. Researchers on the Cichlids of Lake Malawi and Other African Great Lakes

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4. Other Cichlid Sites of Aquaristic or Scientific Interest (in 6 clusters)

   4 a) Care & Feeding     Cichlid Compendia  Hobbyist Pages  L. Tanganyika  L. Victoria  'Zines & Misc.
   4 b) Cichlid Compendia     Care & Feeding  Hobbyist Pages  L. Tanganyika  L. Victoria  'Zines & Misc.
   4 c) Hobbyist Pages     Care & Feeding  Cichlid Compendia  L. Tanganyika  L. Victoria  'Zines & Misc.
   4 d) Lake Tanganyika   Care & Feeding  Cichlid Compendia  Hobbyist Pages  L. Victoria  'Zines & Misc.
   4 e) Lake Victoria (see also Conservation)   Care & Feeding  Cichlid Compendia  Hobbyist Pages  L. Tanganyika  'Zines & Misc.
   4 f) 'Zines & Misc.     Care & Feeding  Cichlid Compendia  Hobbyist Pages  L. Tanganyika  L. Victoria
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5. Conservation and Studies of the African Great Lakes

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6. Societies Specializing in Cichlids

   6 a) Societies in the USA & Canada     International Societies    6 b) International Societies     Societies in the USA Back to top of page

7. Africa and its Weather & Geology from Earth & Space

(Weather and other information for the individual lakeshore countries is here) Back to top of page

8. Countries bordering L. Malawi / L. Nyasa

Flag of MalawiMalawiMozambique      Tanzania
Flag of MozambiqueMozambique  Malawi      Tanzania
Flag of TanzaniaTanzania     Malawi      Mozambique
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9. Travel to the Lake Malawi region

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10. Maps and Gazetteers of the Lake Malawi Region

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11. Publishers & Dealers of Books & Other Materials on African Cichlids

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12. Selected Dealers & Collectors of Rift Lake Cichlids   (no endorsement is intended)

Note:   M = Lake Malawi;   T = Lake Tanganyika;   V = L. Victoria

   12 a) Dealers in the USA & Canada     International Dealers

   12 b) International Dealers     Dealers in the USA & Canada Back to top of page

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The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa:

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