FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

B elow are some frequently (...okay, some are not-so-frequently) asked questions about the cichlids of Lake Malawi — their structure and classification, their species flocks, the history of their study, and their lake. The answers may not be complete or definitive, but should serve as a brief introduction to each topic. More information about some of them may be found via the page of links.

  1. What is a cichlid?
  2. What is the chemical composition of Lake Malawi water? How does it compare with Lakes Victoria and Tanganyika? 
  3. What is fishless cycling?
  4. Which tank size will fit my fish?
  5. Who needs another hybrid?
  6. Where is Lake Malawi?
  7. How do old maps depict the Malawi region?
  8. What is a species flock? What is a metaflock?
  9. How is a Malawi cichlid's color pattern described?
  10. What does the skeleton of a Malawi cichlid look like?
  11. Who Pioneered Malawi Cichlid Taxonomy?
  12. How are Malawi cichlids classified?
  13. What is an `Utaka´?
  14. Maylandia, Metriaclima, or Pseudotropheus?
  15. Are there any cladistic analyses of Malawi Cichlids?
  16. A bit of Southern California cichlid club history   new

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The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa:

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