Malawi Video Clips


Here are some video sequences showing interesting behavior of some of the fishes of Lake Malawi. When possible, each sequence will be available in several formats.


Otopharynx lithobates aquarium spawning — Clip 1 (20 seconds)   © M.K. Oliver, Ph.D.

Description: Over a flat rock, male displays to female who responds by mouthing his genital area (possibly ingesting sperm); they circle; she extrudes one egg onto the rock, immediately turns and picks it up in her mouth. Male then loses interest in her and swims away. Toward end of spawning.
Available formats:
   Best: Windows Media (.wmv) 720 x 480 (11.4 Mb)
   Good: Windows Media (.wmv) 320 x 240 (2.7 Mb)
   Good: QuickTime (.mov) 320 x 240 (6 Mb)
   Good: Real Video (.rm) 320 x 240 (1.2 Mb)


Chisembe (Mormyrops anguilloides) hunting cichlid prey by electrodetection at night — movie (8:14)   © 2005 Matthew Arnegard, Ph.D.

Description: The large Lake Malawi mormyrid Mormyrops anguilloides, known locally as Chisembe, hunts cichlids in packs at night. The predaceous mormyrid generates weak electric discharges from specialized muscles near the tail, and detects the sleeping cichlids using the sensitive electroreceptors in its skin. This expertly produced movie by Dr. Matthew Arnegard is the first ever made of electric-fish behavior in the wild to be recorded in conjunction with simultaneous electrical recordings. The YouTube version, fairly good quality, is available below. For the best quality though, in cooperation with Dr. Arnegard is delighted to also provide a higher-resolution, QuickTime (.mov), 203 Mb version of this breakthrough documentary, playable from your desktop or on portable media players.


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The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa:

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