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Journal Portal

Scientific periodicals that publish literature
relating to African Rift Lake biology

by Michael K. Oliver, Ph.D.

Latest additions or corrections: 29 April 2015

  Here is a list of links to the scientific journals and specialty publications that I use in maintaining the Bibliography of Lake Malawi Biology and other pages of this site,

Virtually all of these journals have published at least one or two papers on the subjects of the bibliography, so — since you are browsing this site — you may also find these links handy if you use the scientific literature of evolutionary biology, ecology, ichthyology, zoology, limnology, and related fields. These journal Web pages generally provide free access to article abstracts. A minority (the growing number of open-access journals, indicated here by the symbol Open Access) supply the entire article free of charge; at the rest, articles can be purchased — for a reasonable price from some publishers; for an outrageous one (upwards of US$50 for a few pages) from others.

The links will open in another window (the same window for all these links). Usually, I have tried to link to the page where previous issues can be browsed, their contents searched, or both; that page generally has a link to the journal's home page where the current issue may be found. I will attempt to keep the links up-to-date and to add new ones from time to time. Additions will be flagged as New for at least a month. Your suggestions are always welcome — email me.

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The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa:

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