Montages of the Northern and Southern Halves of the Lake

To provide a quick overview, I edited together the separate images covering each half of Lake Malawi. Nearly the entire lake may be seen in these two montages.

Because they were taken from an orbiting craft, even from 146 nautical miles up, the movement relative to the ground between exposures introduced some sequential errors in alignment that prevented combining all images into a nearly complete whole. The northern end appears slightly foreshortened, having been photographed from the southwest. The width of the southern half is exaggerated. I included Likoma and Chisumulu islands in both views, and rotated each montage to approximate the lake's north-south alignment as on a map (north is up). Lake Malombe and part of the Upper Shire River are visible at the bottom of the southern image, just above an engine of the shuttle craft.

Northern Half
(68 Kb)
Southern Half
(113 Kb)


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The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa:

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