'aggressive yellow head,' photo from Ribbink et al. (1983)

A male Pseudotropheus "aggressive yellow head" photographed underwater at Maleri Island. Yet another Pseudotropheus "aggressive" species, this one is reported only from the Maleri group, where Ribbink and colleagues reported it to occur at depths between 2 m and 18 m, most frequently at 5-10 m where it was common. "Both sexes are aggressively territorial and will chase most intruders. Algal gardens were found in about 20% of the territories. Nests are occasionally excavated alongside rocks, but usually the fishes tunnel beneath rocks. Two mouth-brooding females were seen defending territories which suggests that they leave their territories to spawn, and resume territoriality thereafter" (Ribbink et al., 1983: 192). Photo from Plate 7i of Ribbink et al., 1983; reproduced by permission of the Zoological Society of Southern Africa.

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