Pseudotropheus 'aggressive zebra,' photo by Ad Konings

A male Pseudotropheus "aggressive zebra" photographed underwater at Ndumbi Rocks, Likoma Island, Malawi by Ad Konings, reproduced with his permission from Konings (1995c). Pseudotropheus "aggressive zebra" has a wider geographic distribution in the lake than other "aggressives," being reported from Likoma, from the Maleri Islands, and from Mbenji Island (Ribbink et al., 1983: 192). Although superficially somewhat resembling Pseudotropheus zebra (now known as Maylandia zebra), P. "aggressive zebra" is far more pugnacious in defending its territory. It also is reported to have stouter teeth than M. zebra. Ribbink and colleagues note that it is so aggressive that almost all males' territories develop algal "gardens." Females are also territorial.

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