Promoting Earth Day and Forest Fire Awareness

The trees that inhabit the world's forests, countrysides, and urban areas are more than just impressive feats of nature. In addition to their beauty and majesty, they are also invaluable to all forms of life on Earth. Unfortunately, trees and their many benefits are in danger on different fronts. Acres upon acres of forest trees are consumed by fires, some of which were needlessly caused by careless actions. Other trees are at risk from humanity's desire to expand due to increasing population, the need for wood and wood products, or the need for more land to accommodate commercial agriculture. Every April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day. On this day, people take action to make a difference and do their part to help the environment. It is important, however, to understand how trees are destroyed throughout the year and to commit to making a difference.

Forest Fires

The all-consuming nature of forest fires gives them the ability to destroy large swaths of trees around the world. These fires can be started by natural causes, such as lightning strikes, or by human negligence or even malicious intent. Fed by trees and other plant life, these fires can quickly get out of hand, turning into wildfires that are difficult to control. When trees burn in a forest fire, the fire also kills wildlife and destroys the shelter of those that survive. Forest fires destroy a source of medicine as well as food that's used by humans and animals alike. Additionally, forest fires take the lives of humans and are costly to combat.

To avoid starting forest fires, people should use care when starting campfires and always check for any restrictions and fire regulations in effect. Campfires should be small, built correctly, and put out completely before leaving. When on forest land, people should only drive cars or trucks with well-maintained exhaust systems. Spark arresters should be used on off-road vehicles, and one should never park any vehicle on dry grass or vegetation.

Plant a Tree for Earth Day

Everyone has the ability to help the environment. One way of helping is to plant a tree. Planting new trees helps to create a natural balance, particularly in urban areas where homes, shopping centers, and office buildings often lead to their destruction and removal. Often, people choose Earth Day as a date to do their part and plant a tree. On this day, people celebrate the environment by pledging to plant a tree in their home yard, schools may schedule outings to plant one or more trees on school grounds, or one might volunteer to plant trees in public parks or other areas.

Knowledge Is Power

There are many ways to protect the forest and ensure that there are plenty of trees for future generations to enjoy. Conducting research via the Internet and books can help people discover ways in which they can help. The Internet, for example, is a fast way to find information on tree conservation groups and associations. One can also research the destruction caused by forest fires in the U.S. and around the world by searching state or federal websites.