Conventional and Non-Conventional Medicine Resources

Whether it is professional care in a medical setting or emergency first aid in the wilderness, there are many different methods of providing care for people who are in need. In medical practices, for example, not all physicians approach healthcare in the same manner. Some physicians and clinics practice what is called evidence-based medicine, or EBM. In EBM practice, healthcare providers rely on scientific research to best provide care to their patients. When providing first aid, being immersed in nature and away from any cities or towns requires people to use different methods of providing care. This type of first aid is known as wilderness first aid, and it is meant to provide a level of care that can help an injured or ill person until professional medical care is reached. While it is possible to find basic guidelines for wilderness first aid, ideally one should seek training before setting out on an outdoor excursion.

Murial and Philip Berman Medical Library Resources Page

Clicking on this link opens up the Internet Resources page at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem website.

Dalhousie University Medical, Nursing Schools, and Other Health Related Links

Readers may click on this link for a list of health and education resources. Included on the page are links to Dalhousie University, Health Services Research, Health Economics & Policy Analysis, and more.

HealthWatch WebLink Collection

This page features an alphabetized collection of links to various health-related resources.

Free Resources and Helpful Links to Nursing Jobs, Organizations, Etc.

Physicians and other interested parties may click on this link to review free resources such as checklists and articles on emergency medicine. Visitors to this page are also given a list of various medical links.

Future of Nursing Jobs and Other Evidence-Based Resources

This page contains a list of evidence-based nursing and medicine resources from the New York Institute of Technology. The page also includes tabs to other resources that students and visitors to the site may want to explore.

Evidence-Based Medicine - An Oral History

A video on the American Medical Association JAMA Network website that reviews the past, present, and future of EBM.

Evidence-Based Medicine Tutorial

Open this link for an overview of what evidence-based medicine is and how it works. The page includes a five-step model, skills that clinicians need, and information on levels of evidence.

What is Evidence-Based Medicine? (PDF)

Readers interested in learning about EBM may click on this link to open a PDF file on the topic. The document explains what it is, and also reviews the history, impact, logic, and levels of it.

Evidence-Based Medicine: What is it and How Does it Apply to Athletic Training?

Clicking on this link opens up an article by the Journal of Athletic Training, which explores EBM and how it impacts athletes. The page includes an abstract and the full article.

Making Evidence-Based Medicine Doable in Everyday Practice

This page discusses the need for evidence-based medicine and key points regarding the topic. The article also reviews how practices can get started.

Evidence-Based Medicine Definitions (PDF)

By reading the PDF associated with this link, readers can learn what evidence-based medicine is and also what some of the important concepts are. Definitions are also included.

Definition of Evidence-Based Medicine

The MedicineNet website provides a brief definition of what EBM is.

Evidence-Based Medicine Web Tutorial

This tutorial defines what EBM is and also lists its five steps. The page also includes additional resources.

Levels of Evidence and Grades of Recommendation

On this page, readers will find the grades of recommendation and levels of evidence for EBM used by the National Guidelines Clearinghouse.

Rating Levels of Evidence in Sports-Medicine Research (PDF)

Grades of recommendation and why evidence should be graded are two of the primary topics that are covered in this PDF file. Information on rating the level of evidence and a table listing the types of studies used in EBM are also included in the article.

Evidence-Based Medicine and Clinical Guidelines

The Merck Manuals website discusses EBM and the steps that physicians generally take to apply its principles. A section on clinical guidelines is also included at the bottom of the article.


A glossary of terms used in practices that employ evidence-based medicine is listed on this page. The definitions are provided by the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.

Valuable Boy Scout and Outdoor Links from Resources Including Nursing Schools

Boy Scouts and their parents will find numerous links to both outdoor and Boy Scout resources. The website is for Boy Scout Troop 45 and links are to first aid resources, the Catskills, bird cams, and national scouting information.

List of Interesting Links

Click here for a list of interesting links from Borugo Ecotourism. The list includes links related to bushcraft, the Amazon, ethnology, biology, government organizations, and NGOs.

Helpful Links for Scouts Provided by Nursing Schools, Programs, and More

This is the website for Troop 14 of the Boy Scouts of America in Spring Lake, Michigan. The page includes a list of miscellaneous links to magazines, tips, guides, and first aid preparedness.

Boy Scout Troop 810 Internet Links Page

This link leads to the Internet Links page on Boy Scout Troop 810's website. The links found on the page lead to Boy Scout of America program sites, scouting skills, first aid information, local friends, and more.

Links for Boy Scout Troop 83

Readers can visit Troop 83's website by clicking on this link. The page is a list of links that are useful to Boy Scouts, including links on scouting skills.

Boy Scout Scouting Links

Clicking on this link will take readers to the website for Boy Scout Troop 83. On this page readers will find scouting information and scouting skills links.

Links for People Interested in Nursing Jobs

People interested in nursing careers will find various links on nursing and healthcare careers, schools, and more by clicking on this link. This information is provided by Rural Health Careers Wisconsin.

Links for Outdoor Enthusiasts and People Interested in Nursing Jobs

When visiting this site, readers will find that a majority of the links are for trails and outdoor associations and activities. Near the bottom of the page readers will also find first aid links and a link to information regarding nursing careers.

Thomas Training Consultants Resources, Including a Kids Guide to Health and Nursing Jobs

On this page, readers will find a host of local links as well as general child care resources, and links to communicable diseases, CPR and first aid, and child abuse prevention and recognition sites.

Western Michigan University Resource Center Links Page

Readers who click on this link will open a resource page that includes further links to medical reference tools, libraries, articles and journals, search engines, and guides.

First Aid and CPR Links

Click this link for a list of authoritative links on first aid and CPR. The Center for Disease Control and the American Heart Association are a few of the sites with links included on this page.

First Aid and Travel Safety

This link takes readers to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website and a page that reviews safety while traveling. The importance of wilderness first aid skills and training is reviewed.

Wilderness First Aid Outline

People who click on this link can learn the basics of how to respond when someone becomes ill while in the wilderness. The page is thorough and provides different scenarios on how to provide care.

Basic Wilderness First Aid

Learn the basics when it comes to administering first aid in the wilderness. The information includes how to assess the situation and also reviews what to do for various injuries that may occur. The site also provides a disclaimer stating the information is not a substitute for training.

Wilderness First Aid Kits for Mountaineering

This page goes over what items should be included in a wilderness first aid kit for alpine mountaineering.