Note 1 - Mchenga conophoros spelling Correct original spelling of Mchenga conophoros
There was originally some uncertainty about the correct spelling of the specific epithet. In the original description (Stauffer et al., 1993), the name is spelled conophorOS 6 times, but also conophorUS 18 times. I am using conophoros because that is the spelling used where the name was actually designated ("Copadichromis conophoros n. sp.", p. 1019) and in the caption of Fig. 2 showing the holotype's habitus, and because the other two species described in the same paper, C. cyclicos and C. thinos, also with nonlatinized Greek-derived names, are both consistently spelled with -os. (Stauffer et al. also refer to a "C. copadichromis" (p. 1026), but there is no such species; it appears that this was a lapsus for their own C. cyclicos.)

NOTE added 24 June 2002: Stauffer (Stauffer & Sato, 2002) now acknowledges the problem of the variant original spelling of this species' name, and has resolved the problem. His statement (p. 95) reads, in full:

"In the original description of C. conophoros (Stauffer et al., 1993), the specific epithet was spelled both as conophoros and conophorus. Conophoros was the first spelling used in the manuscript and designated the types, and it is designated here as the correct original spelling (International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, art. 32.2.1)."

NOTE added 27 July 2006: This species was later transferred to the newly erected genus Mchenga (Stauffer & Konings, 2006).

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