Just for Fun: Anagrams of Mbuna Generic Names

Just for Fun:

Anagrams of Mbuna Generic Names

An anagram contains all the same letters, used the same number of times, as in the starting word(s). For example, you can rearrange the letters in rearrange to make rare anger. (But why would you? It's such a good way to procrastinate. Ah! "Procrastinate" ... Rapt creations! Rarest caption! Satanic report! Erotic Spartan! Prostrate Inca! Tapir ancestor! Catnip roaster! Sapient carrot!)

I used the now-defunct Webster Anagram Engine (but the even better Internet Anagram Server is available) as an aid in deriving the following anagrams for the Mbuna flock (or you can skip the Mbuna and jump to "Hap" flock anagrams.) Granted, most are nothing more than engaging gibberish — but some of the anagrams, if you know the fish, seem eerily appropriate.

Mbuna Flock Anagrams

Mbuna Genus Anagrams

Charity smooch
Catchy Moorish
Thomas Chicory
Ohio's McCarthy

Captain Oily
Italian copy
A typical ion
A nil opacity

Cooing rhymes
Heroics on gym
Cringes, ooh my!

Grim psycho hero
Echo shrimp orgy
Shiré orgy - chomp!
Choose pig myrrh
Some Pyrrhic hog
Cosy high romper

Oh, do I posture!
Hideous troop!
Hi, odorous pet
Shoot up or die
The odious pro
Duo hopes I rot

Oho! Subtle rape
Pleasure booth
Taboo spherule
Bluest Pooh ear
Hoopla subtree
Reputable? Shoo!
Oh subtle opera
Oblate Orpheus

Ribald smooch I
A rhombic solid
Claim his brood
His cordial mob
Moloch is rabid
Solid cobra, him
Basic drool, him
Slim orchid boa
Homicidal, robs
Macho bird soil
Ah, limbic odors
Rich Somali bod

Lady mania:
A daily man.
A lady man, I
I, a damn lay
In a malady
Day animal
A layman ID

Machismo loner
Homeric salmon
Hail, commoners!
Claim hormones
Immoral chosen
Harmonic moles
 (synonym of Maylandia)

Martial mice
Miami cartel
Metrical aim
Maim article
I'm rectal, am I?

A polite tapir
Taipei patrol
A pirate pilot
A patriot pile
I, partial poet
Portia Pilate
Rat lip opiate

Spouted Orpheus
Shouted purpose
Ephesus dropout
Supported house
Thou superposed
Uprooted, pushes

And do you have the stamina for . . . Anagrams of the "Hap" flock genera?

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