The holotype of Maylandia cyneusmarginata, an adult male (PSU 3056, Penn State University) measuring 73.9 mm SL, from Nkhotakota, the only locality from which the species is known. (For comments on the spelling of the specific name, see Note 7.) This form apparently has not been known by an informal name. According to the diagnosis provided for this species (Stauffer et al., 1997: 201), M. cyneusmarginata is distinguished from other members of its genus by having a blue marginal band [in the dorsal fin] and brown lappets (the rounded or pointed edge of the fin membrane between the tips of each two consecutive spines). Breeding males of M. cyneusmarginata "have a blue ground coloration laterally with 5-6 gray vertical bars and a white belly. Dorsal fin blue/gray with a blue marginal band and brown lappets..." (p. 202). Illustration reproduced from fig. 15 (a photograph retouched by M. Katz) of Stauffer et al. (1997); used by permission of Dr. Jay Stauffer.


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The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa:

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