Chindongo socolofi, photo from Ribbink et al. (1983)

Above: A mouthbrooding female Chindongo socolofi from Thumbi West Island, photographed in an aquarium. This popular rocky shore cichlid, currently one of the staples of pet stores in the USA, is sometimes called the Powder Blue cichlid or Pseudotropheus "pindani" (although this was never a valid scientific name). Once formally described, it carried the scientific name Pseudotropheus socolofi until in 2016 when it was removed to the new genus Chindongo. A better photo by Marcelo Casacuberta, at Cichlid Room Companion, is available here.

According to FishBase, C. socolofi "[i]nhabits shallow areas, mostly over sand but territorial males stay close to rocks. Feeds from the biocover on the rock and sand."

Photo from Plate 8f of Ribbink et al., 1983; reproduced by permission of the Zoological Society of Southern Africa.


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