Labidochromis ianthinus; photo by Ad Konings, used by permission

The attractive Labidochromis above is L. ianthinus, a male photographed underwater at Mbenji Island, Malawi (the type locality) by Ad Konings; photo used with his kind permission. Konings (1995c: 168) reports finding this species also at Nkhomo Reef, and notes: "It is an insectivore, and males, as in most insectivorous mbuna, are not territorial. Male and female have almost the same coloration; males have a mauve sheen on the body and on the cheeks."

Labidochromis ianthinus, drawing from Lewis (1982)
Above: The holotype of Labidochromis ianthinus (a male, 69.7 mm SL; BMNH 1981.1.9: 49), from Mbenji Island, Malawi. Reproduced from Fig. 14 of Lewis, 1982. Below: A specimen from Mbenji Island closely resembling L. ianthinus, but differing from other specimens of that species in having 18 dorsal spines (vs. 16-17) and a somewhat heavier pharyngeal bone. Lewis (1982) referred to this aberrant specimen (BMNH 1981.1.9: 57) as L. cf. ianthinus. From Fig. 16 of Lewis (1982).

Labidochromis cf. ianthinus, drawing from Lewis (1982)



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