Gephyrochromis lawsi,
photo by Ad Konings

Above: Gephyrochromis lawsi, photographed at Chiwindi, Mozambique and identified by Ad Konings; reproduced with his permission from Konings (1995c). Compare the closely similar form identified by Konings as G. moorii. The species of Gephyrochromis are distinguished from those of Pseudotropheus and related genera by their dentition. Gephyrochromis species have long, extremely slender teeth in the outer rows of both jaws; the crowns may be uni-, bi-, or tricuspid.

Below: Drawings of G. lawsi from Fryer's original description, showing the holotype (97.4 mm SL), from Florence Bay, Malawi. Below it are teeth from the outer row of the upper jaw: 2 and 3, a unicuspid tooth (seen from the side and from behind) from the holotype; 4 and 5, bicuspid teeth from different, slightly smaller, specimens. From Figs. 1-5 of Fryer (1957).

Gephyrochromis lawsi, drawings from Fryer (1957)



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