Otopharynx ovatus, photo copyright © 2000 by M. K. Oliver

This colorful male cichlid is an Otopharynx ovatus, a rare three-spot species found over sandy shores of southern Lake Malawi. It is distinctive for its body shape (the ventral profile is almost a mirror image of the dorsal profile) in combination with the terminal mouth (neither the upper nor the lower jaw protruding strongly) and the mid-body position and elongate shape of the suprapectoral spot, which is entirely below the upper part of the lateral line and separated from it by a gap. This is a moderately large species; the largest known specimen measured 170 mm (6.7 inches) in standard length (without caudal fin) and 213 mm (8.4 inches) in total length. Photo copyright © 2000 by M. K. Oliver.


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