Home Landscaping and Going Green

The benefits associated with adopting a greener home environment is of increasing importance to more and more homeowners. Often people focus on making green changes that impact the interior of their home. The exterior of one's house, however, is also ripe with opportunities to be more environmentally friendly. Homeowners can make eco-conscious improvements in their landscaping choices and even in how they grow and care for their gardens. To make green improvements to the front or back yard, homeowners may consider using drought friendly plants that require little or no water to maintain. Another water-saving idea is to replace one's lawn with rocks, bark, stone walkways or other materials. One's landscape choices can also help the interior of the house when it comes to energy conservation. Strategic placement of shade trees can be helpful in reducing the need for air conditioning inside the house by blocking exposure to the sun and keeping the home's interior cooler.

When it comes to gardening, one can enrich the soil and reduce the need for environmentally harmful fertilizers by composting. Composting turns organic materials, such as food scraps, dry leaves, grass, twigs, and some paper products, into a rich material. This material not only enriches the soil but it may reduce the number of pests and, as a result, it also reduces the need for pesticides. To start composting, homeowners will need a container such as a lidded garbage can, a tumbler or some other container large enough to hold the composting materials.

Water Reclamation Facility

Individuals living in the City of Stuart can read about the water reclamation facility when they visit this page. Information includes achievements and an explanation about what reclaimed water is and why water should be reused.

Links to Sustainability, Green Home Improvement and Related Sites

While visiting the Foundation for Sustainable Living review the list of links listed on this page for educational and eco-friendly information.

Green Sites

Links to environmental websites and green articles are listed on this page of the Go Green Communications website.

Green Homes - Considerations When Buying or For Making Home Improvement Plans

People who are interested in learning more about green homes may click this link to watch a green designation video and read a list of green home considerations. The page also includes a list of informational links.

Green Resources for Building, Home Repair and Improvements

Click on this link to visit the U.S. Green Building Council Illinois Chapter to find green building resources, green standards, and links to the City of Chicago green links. Individuals interested in environmentally conscious building efforts will also find links to energy efficiency incentives, organizations, and more.

How To Use Your New Compost Tumbler

Composting is a process that's good for one's garden and for the environment. Clicking this link to the Garden Spot website provides useful information on using the Compost Tumbler.

Cainscross Parish Council - Useful Links

Residents can click this link to review a list of useful area websites including those to wellbeing services and the police.

UNC Charlotte The Infrastructure, Design, Environment, and Sustainability Center (IDEAS)

Click on this link to visit the homepage of the IDEAS Center website. On this page, readers are given a brief mission statement.

New Developments in Home Repair, Improvements, or the Construction of Green Homes and Commercial Bldgs

New developments in green homes and buildings are occurring on a regular basis. To keep up with the latest developments, readers may click on either of the images on this page for suggestions and recommendations.

DIY Eco-Friendly Home Repair

People who are looking for ways to make their home more eco-friendly will find five home repair or improvement tips listed on this page of the It Takes Time blog.

Three Affordable Home Improvement Tips To Make Your Home More Efficient

Better home efficiency often translates into decreased energy bills for many homeowners. People can read about three ways to affordably improve home efficiency.

Five Home Improvement Tips For Making Your Home Eco-Friendly On a Budget

When making a home more eco-friendly, there's no need to spend a lot of money. The article featured on this page of the Natural Papa website lists five low-cost ways that people can inexpensively make changes to their home that won't negatively impact the environment.

Five Questions You Should Have About Elon Musk's New Solar Roofs

Solar power is an important consideration for many people who are in the process of making home improvements as they can help save money and they are good for the environment. This article explores the new solar panels designed by Elon Musk and what questions homeowners should ask if they are considering them as an option.

Looking Beyond The Job: Home Improvement Recommendations and Integrating The Upsell

Contractors can learn how to upsell by making useful recommendations to the homeowners about home improvements, discussing new processes, and discussing the use of higher end materials.

Energy Conservation in the Home

Saving energy and money is a popular goal for many homeowners. To review facts about home energy conservation, click on this link to the Colorado State University Extension.

City of Scottsdale Home Improvement Center

Residents of Scottsdale, AZ will find a list of links to information that is related to starting and completing home improvements. The links are divided into categories such as city processes, tips and guides, and landscaping assistance. Information about Saturday inspections is also featured on the lower half of the page.

Non-Credit Offerings: Home Improvement

Exam preparation courses can prove helpful in preparing future contractors to get their home improvement licenses in Maryland. On this page, contractors will find information and links to register for this course.

Home Energy Ratings

Consumers in Florida will find information and several graphs on home energy efficiency, performance, cooling load sources, and heating load sources when they click on this page.

Which Home Energy Improvements Are Worth It

This page on the University of Illinois Extension Champaign, Ford, Iroquois, & Vemilion Counties website discusses various home improvement projects and which are most beneficial and cost effective.

Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

Homeowners in Ohio can visit this Energize Ohio web page for information about the residential energy tax credit. The page also includes a link and contact information.

Get Paid For Your Improvements

When making home improvements in Arlington, Texas, homeowners should visit this page for information on how they can potentially get a one-time rebate and eligibility requirements. Residents will also find forms and brochures near the bottom of the page

Home Improvement Loans and Property Fix-Up Programs

Information about the Making Home Affordable Program can be found on this page of the West St. Paul, MN website. People who visit this page will also find a list of housing-related links.

Home Maintenance, Repair, and Improvement

Individuals who are interested in home maintenance, repair, and improvements may visit this page of the Library of Congress Science Reference Services site to read Tracer Bullet 95-3, which includes various resources such as basic texts, journals, and bibliographies.

Larimer Home Improvement Program

The Estes Park Housing Authority offers the Larimer Home Improvement Program which provides loans with low-interest rates to qualified homeowners. Visit this page to read information about the program.

Portland Community College Home Improvement

Students attending the college will find links to non-credit classes on hardwood floors and home design and organization.

Home Improvement Fraud-Theft

When planning a home improvement project, homeowners must be cautious of unscrupulous individuals and criminal practices that can be costly and potentially dangerous. The City of Plano, TX provides the information on this page to help homeowners avoid becoming a victim of fraud or theft.

Household Hints and Help

Homeowners who visit this page can get home remodeling advice that can help them avoid hidden hazards.

Energize Ohio - Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

Read about getting a tax credit by buying energy-efficient products for the home. This page lists which products are eligible for a tax credit and it provides site visitors with contact information.

New Jersey's Green Home Remodeling Guidelines Version (NJGHRG) 1.0

New Jersey homeowners who are interested in remodeling their homes may visit this page to download the state's green remodeling guidelines. Prior to downloading the guidelines, one can read what to expect from each chapter.