The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa

Abstracts of Doctoral Dissertations about the Biology of Lake Malawi

NOTE: All of these abstracts are also available from the respective entries in the main bibliography. They are grouped here for convenience.

Ambali (1996): Oreochromis domestication (citation only)
Andre (2000): Benthic nutrient cycling
Anseeuw (2008): Utaka population substructuring
Arnegard (2005): Electric fish species flocks
Bootsma (1993): Phytoplankton dynamics
Bowers (1993): Melanochromis systematics
Bruwer (2003): Synodontis biochemistry, molecular genetics
Cooley (2004): Haplochromines' conservation parameters
Danley (2001): Factors influencing mbuna diversification
DeBusk (1994): Pollen transport and stratigraphy
Drill (2002): Biodiversity conservation, fishery management
Haberyan (1988): Algae and phytoplankton
Hale (1997): Mbuna feeding angles
Hara (2001): Artisinal fisheries management (citation only)
Haraldsdottir (2002): Ethnography of fish trading
Jordan (2001): Visual factors guiding mbuna mate choice
Kassam (2004): Geometric morphometrics
Kaunda (2000): Bathyclarias nyasensis feeding ecology
Kellogg (1997): Cichlid mating systems
Knight (1999): Cichlid sexual selection and speciation
Kornfield (1974): Cichlid evolutionary genetics
Kusche (2013): Color- and trophic polymorphisms (L. Tang.)
Kuusipalo (1999): Genetic diversity of endemic fish
Li (2014): New genus Chindongo and seven new species Lisy (2006): Tramitichromis systematics & bowers
Markert (1998): Cichlid population structure & phylogeny
McElroy (1992): Trophic differentiation of mbuna
Mkanda (2001): Soil erosion and biodiversity conservation
Moran (1993): Cichlid molecular systematics & speciation
Msiska (1999): Oreochromis reproductive biology & growth
Nelissen (1985): Cichlid communication & dominance hierarchy
Ngatunga (2000): Revision Lethrinops et al. (citation only)
Oliver (1984): Cichlid systematics & phylogeny
Pauers (2004): Constraints on Labeotropheus attributes
Pereyra (2004): Cichlid populations, diversity, & dispersal
Powers (2005): Lacustrine paleotemperatures
Ramlal (2002): Organic matter sources, transport & sinks
Reinthal (1987): Mbuna morphology, ecology, and behavior
Rusche (1983): Melanochromis auratus courtship (citation only)
Schwalbe (2013): Prey detection by cichlids' lateral line
Smith (2002): Evolution of Lake Malawi cichlid fishes
Twombly (1983): Zooplankton population dynamics
Tyers (2013): Divergence and speciation of East African haplochromine cichlid fish  New
Vodegel (1978): Pseudotropheus zebra behavior (citation only)
Yin (2000): Water balance of the African Great Lakes

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