The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa

Abstract of Publication

Turner, G., and J.R. Stauffer, Jr. 1998. Three new deep water cichlid fishes of the genus Diplotaxodon from Lake Malawi, with a redescription of Diplotaxodon ecclesi. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 8 (3): 239-252.  

Diplotaxodon macrops, new species, differs from D. apogon, new species, in male breeding colour and in the shorter lower jaw. These species occur sympatrically at depths of 90 to at least 120 m in the south of the lake. Diplotaxodon aeneus, new species, is known only from the north of the lake, and is distinguished by male breeding colour and morphometrics. The relatively large eyes of all three species distinguish them from other Diplotaxodon, except D. ecclesi. The holotype of D. ecclesi differs from the three new species in its more slender body, from D. aeneus and D. apogon in male breeding colour, and from D. macrops in its longer lower jaw.




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