The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa

Summary of Publication

Trewavas, E. 1946. The types of African cichlid fishes described by Borodin in 1931 and 1936, and of two species described by Boulenger in 1901. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 116: 240-246.  

Haplochromis fasciatus Borodin = Tilapia tanganicae (Günther).
Tilapia nadinae Borodin = Haplochromis burtoni (Günther).
Neochromis simotes nyassae Borodin = Haplochromis callipterus (Günther).
Haplochromis tenuis Borodin = Haplochromis longirostris (Hilgendorf).
Haplochromis centropristoides victorianus Borodin = Haplochromis nubilis (Boulenger).
Tilapia fasciata tanganaicae [sic] Borodin = Haplochromis horei (Günther).
Pelmatochromis tanganyicae Borodin = Serranochromis thumbergii (Castelnau).
Pelmatochromis loveridgei Borodin = Limnotilapia dardennii (Boulenger).
Pelmatochromis xenotilapiaformis Borodin = Callochromis macrops (Boulenger).
Ectodus decampsii ornatipinnis Borodin = Callochromis sp.
Julidochromis macrolepis Borodin = Telmatochromis temporalis Boulenger.
Lamprologus cunningtoni nyassae Borodin = Lamprologus elongatus Boulenger.
Lamprologus modestus nyassae Borodin = L. reticulatus Boulenger.

Reasons are given for doubting the correctness of the locality assigned to Borodin's "Pelmatochromis tanganyicae" and to the so-called Nyasa subspecies of Lamprologus, as well as to other specimens of the Loveridge collection determined by Borodin.

Christyella nyasana Trewavas, 1935 = Gephyrochromis moorii Boulenger, 1901.

Gephyrochromis is related to the Nyasa Cichlidae of the Pseudotropheus group, and has since been found only in Nyasa. The locality "Tanganyika" was probably erroneously attributed to the type of G. moorii.

Haplochromis microstoma Regan, 1921 = Tilapia pleurotaenia Boulenger 1901 = Haplochromis pleurotaenia.

The types of T. pleurotaenia include specimens of three Nyasa species of Haplochromis. The fact that none of these has been found in the large British Museum collections from L. Tanganyika is sufficient evidence that the attribution of these specimens to that lake and its affluent was an error of labelling.




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