The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa

Abstract of Publication

Tawil, P. 2002b. Description de Cynotilapia pulpican n. sp. (Pisces, Teleostei, Cichlidae), nouvelle espèce du lac Malawi, avec remarques sur les genres Cynotilapia, Microchromis, Maylandia et Metriaclima. l'An Cichlidé 2: 72-82.  

Description of a new species of mbuna collected in August 2001 and known for a long time amongst aquarists under different tradenames, notably Pseudotropheus sp. "Likoma kingsizei." It is considered as close to Cynotilapia axelrodi (Burgess, 1976), and Cynotilapia sp. "lion", despite its bicuspid dentition. The problems connected to the generic assignement of some mbunas are exposed here, with notably the need of re-examination of the type of Hemichromis afer Guenther, 1893, type species of the genus Cynotilapia, as well as Microchromis zebroides Johnson, 1975, type of its genus. Both have priority over Maylandia and Metriaclima, two taxa proposed more recently to designate a group of streaked mbunas in replacement of Pseudotropheus, redefined by Trewavas (1983). The limits of this group being still badly defined, the genus Cynotilapia is retained here for the new species. [English abstract as given in the article]




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