The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa

Summary of Publication

Patterson, G., M.J. Wooster, and C.B. Sear. 1995. Real-time monitoring of African aquatic resources using remote sensing: With special reference to Lake Malawi. Booklet, 21 pp. ISBN 0 85954 422-2. Natural Resources Institute, Chatham, Kent, U.K.  

This publication describes work carried out on Lake Malawi. Daily, remotely sensed maps of lake surface temperature were compared with information collected in situ. Fisheries scientists found strong agreement between the two methods and were successfully able to monitor changes in the structure of local fish populations following changes in lake water temperatures. This booklet will not only be of interest to those concerned with the study and management of African fisheries, but also to those interested in expanding monitoring of environmental changes using remote sensing.




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