The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa

Abstract of Publication

Morioka, S., and E. Kaunda. 2003. Preliminary examination on lapillus utility for otolith increment analysis in Malawian cyprinid Engraulicypris sardella. Ichthyological Research 50 (3): 284-287.  

Features and increments of otoliths in Engraulicypris sardella were observed. The sagitta was arrowhead shaped with an obvious core and rostra, the latter being fragile and easily destroyed by extracting and grinding processes. Increments around the core were readable but not in rostra. The lapillus was round fan-shaped with an obvious core. Increments in the lapillus were clearly deposited from the core to the margin. The asteriscus had an ambiguous core that led to difficulty in discerning the first increment and had fewer increments than the lapilli. Thus, the lapillus is the most appropriate for reading otolith increments.




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