The Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi, Africa

Abstract of Publication

Greenwood, P.H. 1994. The species flock of cichlid fishes in Lake Victoria - and those of other African Great Lakes. Pp. 347-354 in Martens, K., B. Goddeeris, and G. Coulter (eds.). Speciation in ancient lakes. Archiv für Hydrobiologie - Advances in Limnology, Vol. 44: X + 508 pages. ISBN 3-510-47045-1.  

Since the review of speciation in ancient lakes, a great deal of new information has been obtained about the endemic cichlid species flocks in the African lakes. These new data concern not only the results of extensive taxonomic revisions (and an increase in the number of species involved), but have also provided more information on the anatomy (functional and morbid), the biology and the ecology of the species. More is now known about the age of the lakes, and there is geological and other evidence to indicate that the evolution of the flocks was probably more "explosive" than was once thought. Debate on the interrelationship of the flocks continues, with indications that the cichlids of Lake Victoria, Edward and Kivu are components of a closely interrelated superflock, phylogenetically distinct from that of Lake Malawi and those of Lakes Albert and Turkana.




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